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"You’ll hear me out. It’s crazy but. Haven’t you noticed, for a while now? Something’s off? It looks the same but it’s different, right? Over the past few years, when you stopped reading books? The future’s here but they didn’t ask you. The pup you’ve been sold, the world-wide lie, the dot con, getting formatted, get the kids formatted, turn the tap on, take the cookies. And me right at the heart of it. The plans they have for you."

Is Nim on the run with her ex

or his double?

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It's Not True.

It Never Was.

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"Wryly hilarious and utterly bonkers, TWICE is like nothing I've encountered."

– Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will

"Dark and dazzling, with mesmeric twists and much to say about where we are today."

– Anna Minton, author of Ground Control (2009) and Big Capital (2017)

"As much intellectual stimulus a readership enjoyment. One is left gasping."

– Peter Tremayne, author of the Sister Fidelma Mysteries

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