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Is Nim on the run with her ex

or his double?

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Nim's ex love returns from Silicon Valley, wanting a book from their childhood. She chucks him out. Moments later, he's back again, one fingertip missing, claiming he's the real Chris and that Nim's first visitor was an imposter. Nim doesn't believe him so he abducts her, forcing her on a journey where nothing is as it seems.

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"Dark and dazzling, with mesmeric twists and much to say about where we are today."

– Anna Minton, author of Ground Control (2009) and Big Capital (2017)

"Wryly hilarious and utterly bonkers, TWICE is like nothing I've encountered. Imagine David Cronenberg making a horror film after binge-watching Fleabag, and you'll have a general idea of the kind of roller-coaster ride that awaits in Kleeman's delightful horror."

– Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will

"Drawn breathlessly into a nightmare world in which the usual conventions do not apply, there is no reprieve until one insecurely draws near to the conclusion. Written with skilful pace and polished art, we are presented with a first rate fantasy and something that is more than mere fantasy. Here is a dextrously woven tale with deftly drawn characters that will cause as much intellectual stimulus as it does readership enjoyment. One is left gasping."

– Peter Tremayne, author of the Sister Fidelma Mysteries

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